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Hi There, I'm Roxanne aka Roxy!

Learning that I'm from the Caribbean, most assume that's why she's all things natural. 

Well, possibly my father's green thumb (he planted many fruit trees in our yard) or my mother's medical background, provided some subtle influences.

And true, using herbs for our health wasn't uncommon.

Actually, it was a friend named Lydia.

After a typical childhood vaccination, her life was forever changed. Then years later, when I met my handsome hubby, interestingly his mom had a similar issue.

They had one thing in common: 

Relative normalcy in life was attained, only when they worked with Natural Health Professionals! 

My Story

'Thinking back, do you recall when you first had problems with your cycle?'

Immediately I replied, 'Yes, it was my second when I was 11 years old.' 

Shocked, the Naturopath was curious about my life experiences then. So I explained, that my family went through a traumatic time.


Still in disbelief, she whipped out her psychology reference book and read/explained how that trauma, and the resulting emotions of abandonment, etc..., dramatically changed my Endocrine and Reproductive health. Now I was shocked!

But sadly her treatment as well as the Homeopath's remedies didn't bring me profound results. However, she taught me one thing, look for a practitioner who will also treat my emotions.

Then I met my mentor, Wendy. Yes, she treated both my physical and emotional health!

Once my health improved, and I understood how to maintain it, she kindly encouraged me to learn this field. There started my passion to treat all of my clients Holistically!


Today, I'm celebrating my 10th year anniversary in the Holistic Health field. 

Over the years, I have had much success using my entire repertoire of training from experts in various fields.

In more recent years, I've become a Biofeedback Emotional Specialist. 

(Click the link above for some info. More info, images and case studies soon to come!)

What does that all mean for You?


Whether your health issues are mild to major,

I'll help you Release the contributing old Emotional Baggage and

Recode your Habits into Healthier ones!

So, Are You Ready?

Ok then, Let's Get You Healthy Holistically!

Client Reviews

Happy Family

"Roxanne I want to tell you, I Am So Happy!!!


Thank you for being the person Jehovah chose to help me.


For the first time in my life,

I'm free from the weight of emotions and the physical symptoms they bring.


Finally, mind and body healthcare together!"

LF, Delaware USA

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