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What to Expect on an Initial Consultation?

Our Amazing Bodies alert us to health issues long before a trained medical professional can diagnose.


Are You Listening?

Thus by assessing and interviewing you about your Physical and Emotional health history, I can determine how best to help you. 


Assessment methods include:

  • Total Body Scanner (The accuracy level of a BioResonance Scanner varies slightly especially when scanned remotely)

  • Non-Invasive Analogical Assessment of your Body

Thereafter, I may recommend any or all of the following:

  • BioFeedback Emotional Therapy (B.E.T.)

  • Dietary Adjustments 

  • Quality Targeted Supplements 

  • Emotional and Lifestyle Exercises 

  • Chromotherapy and Sound Therapy 

Stay committed and connected for at least 3-6 months.

Get more for your money by becoming

a Let's Get Healthy! member. 

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