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Exercise Videos For Everyone

A Body in Motion, Stays in Motion!

Are your days mostly sedentary? Do you have aches, tight joints and inflexible muscles? 

Then let's start with the basics.

Whether you're a LGH Member or not, I'm challenging you, commit to doing these vital Connective Tissue exercises daily!

Connective Tissue Workouts

Whether you're a LGH Member or not, here's a challenge for you. 

Commit daily exercising your Connective Tissue.

What's Connective Tissue you ask? 

Fascia, Ligaments, Tendons and Interstitial Fluids (Fluid found in the spaces around cells).

When not exercised on a regular basis, fascia, tendons and ligaments harden, make us feel stiff.

Do these exercises to remain flexible and well-lubricated!

Shoulder Pain & Tension Relief.png
Connective Tissue Workout.png
Psoas, IT & Hip Stretch

One of my Favorites!

Enjoy these,
there's more to come!

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