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Six Healthy Steps

Increase Your
Water Intake

Step 1

Girl Drinking Water

Did you know...

That 50-70% of your body is Water?

It's the main delivery system for nutrients and oxygen. 

Toxic waste cannot be flushed out with low water intake 

Which of these categories are you having health issues with today?

Your Daily LGH Program Goal:
Drink 12-16 cups 

A 2015-2018 CDC report shared these statistics on the daily average of water consumption in the U.S.:

  • Children 23 oz (under 3 cups) 

  • Adults 44 oz (5.5 cups). 

  • Seniors, significantly lower at 36 oz (4.5 cups)

The same report identified, that water intake was significantly lower in:

Black, Hispanic, lower-income and lower education households.

Step 2

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