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Of all the techniques used to assess clients, some are unfamiliar with the science of Iridology and Sclerology.

Simply put, it's the study of the Iris and the Sclera of the eye.  Since the 1700's doctors the world over have identified that approximately 40% of nerve fibers from our brain connect to our eyes. 


These nerves fibers relay information to and from organs within our body.  They also deposit the relayed information on our Irises and Scleras, much like a cartographer/mapmaker registers landmarks and bus routes on a map. Yes there are specific locations in our eyes where the nerve endings deposit information relayed by your lungs, heart, thalamus or appendix.

Hence, a trained Iridologist and Sclerologist observes the map in your eye, as it were, and can thus assess the physical and emotional health of your organs.

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