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An Educated Client is the Best Client!

For over 20 years I’ve diligently worked to care naturally for my health and those of my loved ones.

However, upon receiving certification in Herbal Supplementation and Detoxification, Natural Nutrition, Iridology, Sclerology, Facial Analogy, Reflexology and Emotional Therapy, I started my own practice.

My passion for treating clients holistically, encourages me to continuously train and develop my skills.  Hence I’ve received much guidance from experts such as Naturopathic and Medical Doctors, Herbalists, Homeopathist, Nutritionists, Pharmacists and Psychologists to name a few.   


Whatever your health or weight loss concern, I'm an experienced and caring consultant who can help!​

Do you or your loved one desire to treat an ailment naturally?

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Iridology & Sclerology

Opening The Windows To Your Health


Simply put, since the 1700's doctors the world over have identified that approx. 40% of nerve fibers from our brain connect to our eyes. 

These nerves fibers relay information to and from organs within our body.  They also deposit the relayed information on our Irises and Scleras, much like a cartographer/mapmaker registers landmarks and bus routes on a map. Yes there are specific locations in our eyes where the nerve endings deposit information relayed by your lungs, heart, thalamus or appendix.

Hence, a trained Iridologist and Sclerologist reads the map of your eye, as it were, and can thus assess the physical and emotional health of your organs.

Inspiring Healthy Living!

How Many Servings Do You Get Daily?

There's an interesting phenomena today, most are over fed but yet under nourished.  Our goal is to reverse this one person and one household at a time. 

As Hippocrates said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Get healthier with 30 servings of Fruits and Vegetables daily!!!   


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