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Initial Consultation

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Health Coaching

Meal Plans, Tips, etc...

What to Expect on an Initial Consultation?

Our Amazing Bodies alert us to health issues long before a trained medical professional can diagnose.


Are You Listening?

During your Initial Consultation, in addition to interviewing you about your Physical and Emotional health history, I will use the following methods to identify those health indicators.:

  • Total Body Scanner (The accuracy level of a BioResonance Scanner varies slightly especially when scanned remotely)

  • A Non-Invasive Analogical Assessment of your Body

 Whether you're experiencing Acute or Chronic issues, I will recommend any or all of the following:

  • Dietary Adjustments 

  • Quality Targeted Supplements 

  • Emotional and Lifestyle Exercises

  • Chromotherapy, Sound Therapy and BioResonance Frequency Therapy

My goal is always to help you take better charge of your Mental, Emotional and Physical health. Thus be prepared to stay committed and connected for the first 6 months. 

Select a Package* below and...

Let's Get Healthy!

Vegan Bowl

Adult & Children (3 months)

Initial Consult $299

Adult Monthly cost $199

Child Monthly cost $179

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Current Clients (6 month package)

Monthly cost $199

New Clients (6 months package)

Initial Consult $299

Monthly cost $199


Balancing Therapy

Monthly cost $49

Happy Family

Four Follow-ups monthly package

*Final costs include credit/debit card fees