Caring for the Whole Person

Providing YOU with Insight, to Strengthen YOUR Determination, to Change for the Better! 


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In-Person or Remote Consultations


Follow-Ups Essential

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Health Coaching, Meal Plans, Tips... 

What to Expect?

Our bodies tell us what's wrong long before a trained medical professional does.

Do You Listen?

Thus my job is to collect from you as much data about your health history​. The tools I use to collect that data include:

  • Total Body Scan with a BioResonance Scanner (Accuracy level varies slightly with remote scanning)

  • Assessment of your Face and Body 

  • Discussion of your Physical and Emotional Health

Whether you're experiencing Acute or Chronic issues, I may recommend:

  • Dietary adjustments 

  • Quality Targeted Supplements 

  • Emotional and Lifestyle Exercises

  • Chromotherapy, Sound Therapy and BioResonance Frequency Therapy

My goal is always to help you take better charge of your Mental, Emotional and Physical health.

Thus it's imperative that for the first 3-6 months you stay committed and connected.



Free & Paid Webinars & Courses

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